Life Alchemy

Craving a regular “time for you” meditation practice but need a bit of a boost and perhaps some guidance? If you are nodding “yes!”, then the following collection of meditations are ideal for you to add to your conscious living toolkit.

From helping you heal your relationship with yourself, manifest tangible change, creating a calmer sense of self or simply adopting a healthier outlook on life, these unique blend of ancient meditation techniques with modern methods will provide you with irrefutable results.

Rave reviews from sources such as YogaOnline, Pregnancy Magazine (and more…) have helped spread the word on the following –  changing the lives of individuals (just like you) around the globe. Now, isn’t it your turn to get comfortable in your chosen space, hit the “Play” on your IPod/MP3/Stereo and enjoy the undeniable benefits felt within you and the beautiful rippling effects adding a new dimension of peace, contentment and wellbeing to your daily life?

We know that passion is a key ingredient  in loving your life! Our meditations will help you reconnect with your personal creativity, inner passion for living and guide you in bringing that radiant energy out into your daily moments.
Maintaining calm amidst the chaos of living is a challenge faced by most.  Our collection of meditations will help you not only release stress finding that place of inner peace, but learn how to better hold onto it when faced with life’s curve balls.
Our collections of meditation will help you build a better relationship with your body and innerself resulting in a stronger foundation and feeling of personal power.

Life Changing Tools

Yoga Nidra
Yoga NidraWith Armand Sagredo
the following collection created and recorded by Armand guides you into a deep delicious altered state of consciousness. In this place you are then lead to connect with your subconscious self to create magickal changes within your life. Practiced regularly the following tracks can lead to inner transformation and outer tangible manifestations.
Body Connection
Body ConnectionWith Alessandra Sagredo
This CD will give you a few of the more potent meditations and techniques for incorporating “mind awareness” that will help you eat consciously, enjoy moving your body, build a better relationship with your physical and finally reveal your optimal healthiest form!
Inner Calm
Inner CalmWith Armand Sagredo
Coming September 2013 this potent collection of meditation will not only guide you to finding your inner calm, but provide you with tools to help you thrive in the midst of life’s chaos.  Special attention will also be given to cardiac health and anxiety relief.
Building Courage
Building CourageArmand & Alessandra Sagredo