Who is Alessandra?

Meditation Guide, Inner Wellness Consultant, Book Lover, Dance-A-Holic, Proud Mama

Some of my highlights

    Although meditation has always played a powerful role in my life, I was not always found working within the wellness realm. I began in the corporate world after receiving my business degree and rapidly climbing the proverbial success ladder. However, many amazing synchronicities and people along my path led me to bring my passion from a personal “experience” to the professional realm (to them I am eternally grateful!).

    I soon found myself diving head first into the various realms of holistic health and personal power. My areas of training and experience include:

    Meditation Teacher
    Prenatal Yoga Teacher
    Counseling Hypnotherapist

Today, I am blissfully fulfilled and loving what I do, providing life changing tools and events for clients found around the globe.
In my personal time, I am an avid traveler, mystic explorer and lover of new experiences. I have a love for the written word and can spend hours curled up with a glass of wine and an inspiring book while soft music flows through the room.

I share my life with 2 incredible men – my little man who the very thought of makes me glow and my big man who continues to stun me with his brilliance, and keeps me on track in those moments that I find myself wandering off path, chasing shiny objects.

My life is one I would never trade for another, but look forward to continuously evolving, uncovering new thrilling moments paired with a foundation of soft peace.

My passion through my work extends to writing articles for magazines such as Om Yoga & Lifestyle, Sedona Journal, Synergy Magazine, and Conscious Divas. I am also joyfully creating a Belly Love companion book, one I hope will be a beautiful gift to conscious pregnant woman.

Understanding the incredible impact meditation can bring to life, I am constantly creating new guided audio collections, including Body Connection – Meditations for Weightloss and Body Sculpting as well as the upcoming Chakra Meditations Series.

However, my real joy shines forth during live events!  I am passionate about sharing my knowledge through seminars, online workshops and retreats and am available for speaking engagements. Contact us to learn more about having me speak at your event.

“Belly Love was birthed during my own pregnancy.

It was a gift to myself, my baby and to all the other amazing mamas-to-be – a gift of enhanced physical health, joy and inner calm. This particular practice will flow from you to your baby within, helping to build an amazing bond and increase the overall physical and emotional health of you both.”