orange_and_almond_cake_08828_16x9If you are a foodie, a lover of all things tasty, delectable and full of flavour, then this blog post focused on pregnancy recipes is dedicated to you.  Being pregnant can bring a variety of “yeahs and nays” when it comes to what we put in our body, and let’s be honest, coming up with great tasting recipes that are still nurturing for our budding baby and body is not always easy (unless your a mastermind chef).

Recently, during the hunt for taste-bud teasing prego recipes I stumbled across the following treasure trove brought to us by BBC.  With over 6,000 pregnancy friendly recipes, it is guaranteed to keep the food lover in you satiated while ensuring you keep healthy.  Plus – there are a number of simple to make options for those moments when the thought of 20 minutes in the kitchen is enough to exhaust you before you get started.

Check it out:

Find a favourite?  Be sure to let me know which ones you love!

Happy cooking,