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Belly Love prenatal meditation classes, workshops and events are a very special part of the journey of pregnancy.  Why?  Because they offer the gift of support, encouragement, learning and friendship.  During a free Belly Love Gathering or a special Meditation Workshop, Mama’s to Be have the opportunity to learn new tools that will allow them to celebrate the different moments of pregnancy and… even more… bring radiant levels of health and wellness to themselves, body and baby.  The growth gained ripples outwards into their home lives creating a healthy atmosphere for that little one to be welcomed into.  Stress melts.  Courage grow.  Strength is found.  Dedicated to lasting change, we ensure your experience is not fleeting, that it in fact stays and sprouts roots in your system providing you techniques for living a fulfilled, blissed out life!

Upcoming Events:
Be prepared for enthusiasm, distinctive and colourful teaching methods, combined with
experiential learning, analogies, anecdotes and a delicious dose of humour.

Already Have the CD?

Join the Free Belly Love Gathering

Get even more Love for Your Belly!  This fun free workshop is for those moms to be who have already purchased the CD and would love to enjoy even more benefits from their prenatal meditation.  Over 2 hours, Alessandra will provide you a few invaluable techniques for connecting to your body and baby, and answer any questions you have around the meditation.

Free for those Mamas Using Belly Love.
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Curious About Meditation Techniques?

Grow with our Online Workshop.

Curious about prenatal meditation and the amazing benefits of Belly Love?  Join other moms to be during this online workshop with Alessandra where you will learn how prenatal meditation can bring more health to your body, belly and baby and experience a short live guided meditation.  The opportunity ask questions will be provided at the end of the session.

Self Investment $49
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Interested in having Alessandra speak to your group or at your conference? Please contact us to review her speaking schedule and discuss details.