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Ladies… Love Your Belly & Baby

Belly Love Prenatal Meditations by Alessandra SagredoPrenatal Meditation – A Gift To You, Your Body & Baby
Let’s be honest ladies…. pregnancy can be a challenging process to go through! Like many of you current moms (to be), when my belly was expanding (…my nerves were more quickly fraying and my bladder suddenly became a prominent voice) I began the hunt for ways to help ease the changes to both my body and mind, while ensuring the little one growing within me was healthy and strong.

What I discovered was the very limited supply of effective, high-quality meditation tools designed specifically for moms (to be). As a Meditation and Inner Wellbeing Teacher, I decided to apply my own experience and education and found myself squeezing my ever growing belly into a recording booth – birthing (recording) Belly Love as I prepared to welcome my own son into the world.  Creating these prenatal meditations during my own pregnancy, allowed me to infuse it with a very special love and understanding for the other pregnant women out there.

This CD is from the heart,
infused with the wisdom of the ancient practice of meditation.

The Belly Love Prenatal Meditation collection is a companion throughout your trimesters and even into the postpartum period.  Belly Love supplies you with tools to enjoy the emotional and physical changes coming your way helping you have happier and healthier pregnancy.  (To learn more about the benefits of prenatal meditation, click here).

So, ladies, isn’t it time for you to enjoy a bit of extra special “TLC?’…. Sit back, relax to the soothing music and let me guide you through a series of meditations inspiring in you a deeper sense of peace, joy and health for you and your baby.

Hear a Sample:

Track Listings & Descriptions

Allow the stress to melt away, bringing peace and (a boost of) health to your baby.  Begin a strong bond with the little child growing within, surrounding him/her in love and nurturing energy.  (5:58)
Take time to love yourself!  Connect with the knowledge and love you have within and allow it to “hug  you”, embracing self acceptance and building a beautiful connection with the “true” you.  (8:55)
A full body blissed out relaxation; connect with your body, embrace its natural strength and ability to produce a healthy baby.  Become (more) healthy and confident in your physical self.  (8:38)
Release the fears around the birthing process, by recognizing and connecting with your body’s natural abilities, knowledge and power.  (13:10)
You have within you a natural well of innate maternal wisdom, begin to uncover and embrace it and prepare for the amazing role of motherhood.  (7:59)
Connect with your center of strength (yes it is within you!).  Relax, build confidence, appreciate your body, feel powerful and energized.  (8:03)
Go on a wonderful getaway, finding a place of peace and freedom from external expectations and return to the outside world revitalized and relaxed.  (11:22)


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Infinite Benefits

Each time you sit down and relax with a Belly Love track, you infuse your body and through your bloodstream your baby with an elevated level of health and wellbeing.  To learn more about the benefits of prenatal meditation click here.

Just like those bellies, the demand for meditation tools is growing, Belly Love is the answer for the conscious pregnant moms.

Whether you are a retailer, prenatal service provider, maternity store or yoga studio, the addition of Belly Love in CD or Seed Card format is a way to increase your monthly revenue while providing a unique and effective meditation tool for expecting moms.  You will benefit from significant wholesale margins and a complete service experience. Point of sale information and advertising materials are available for in-store displays or online presence.  Learn more.

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