Belly Love Prenatal MeditationsAs expecting moms, our bodies, bladders and not to mention busy schedules don’t always cooperate in allowing us to sit for long periods of time.  Belly Love is completely flexible.  You can take 10 minutes out of your day and listen to an individual track or relax to the entire series.  It’s up to you.  The following are a few Tips on Using Belly Love.


  1. You and your baby deserve a few moments of quiet and calm.  Take them.  Whether it is 5 minutes to connect with your body and baby or 15 minutes to begin to empower the body for birth, this is a special and very critical aspect of a happy and healthy pregnancy.
  2. Earphones or Stereo? – Listening to Belly Love through earphones allows for you to cut out any outside noise and create a more enveloping experience.  However these tracks are designed to work with both a stereo or headset.  Please remember to not listen while driving.
  3. Prenatal Meditation can bring amazingly connective experiences to our body and the child within; you may see colours, uncover a deep connection with your baby or perceive unique sensations.  Be open and simply notice what you feel, hear and visualize.  The key is to release any expectations on yourself. There is no right or wrong, whatever you experience is perfect for you.
  4. Whether you are not quite showing or you now have a beautiful blossoming belly, be sure to relax into a comfortable position suitable for you.  Relaxing in a chair or lying against a number of pillows, find a position that allows your body and mind to let go.
  5. For the active moms who enjoy prenatal yoga or other forms of stimulation, Belly Love is a great way to end your work out.  At the end of your practice, select a track and allow it to soothe your muscles and carry you away into a place of honouring your physical being, flowing an extra dose of vitality through your veins from body to baby.

Belly Love is a wonderful companion during your entire pregnancy.  Plus many of the tracks (such as Self Love and Breathe Free) can be used by both yourself and partner even after birth.

If you are using the collection and have any of your own tips for using Belly Love, please feel free to share them!

Much Love to your and your blossoming baby,