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Revenue Boosting Belly Love

bag-iconMeditation has become a very popular tool for healthy living, with its benefits being touted in magazines such as FitPregnancy, Shape to even Forbes.  As its popularity grows, more and more women are using this tool in their everyday lives, but most still rely on help and prefer being guided through the process with an enjoyable audio track.  It makes it easier, often more effective and allows for a deeper level of relaxation.

These same women are making up the maternity demographic. As they become pregnant, their reliance on meditation as a technique for relaxation and health have them seeking out products that will allow them to bring this trusted tool into their pregnancy.

Bringing Belly Love into your Retail Chain, Online Store, Yoga Studio, Clinic or even Spa allows you to meet the demands of your Mamas-to-Be, while bringing enhanced levels of revenue to your business.  Plus, incorporating Belly Love Prenatal Meditations into your product line demonstrates your understanding of your customers while representing your commitment to their well-being.  You are keeping up with the growth of the wellness industry and offering an exceptional quality product.

Benefits for You!

  • Promotional Materials
  • Above average ROI
  • POS displays
  • Sample CDs for in-house listening
  • Give-away download cards to help you build awareness
  • Superior return policies
  • Media coverage creating recognition

shop-iconA flexible product with a small footprint, Belly Love is perfect to be sold either on the floor or placed near your cashier (or reception). It is a compliment to any location that serves the prenatal market and an eye-catching item in 3 styles (see below) to introduce into your existing product or service line. If you don’t require physical products and prefer an online only  program, please view our  Affiliates page.

For an audio sample please click here.


don’t require physical product

Fitting Your Customer’s Lifestyle

CD Format

Available in traditional Jewel Case CD format, Belly Love is produced at the highest quality with full colour CD and 4 panel insert. It can be sold as a point of sale item, or on the floor. We are happy to provide custom Belly Love printed POS stands with large orders.
Suggested Retail Price $18.99 (SKU SL656)
Ships Worldwide.

Download Cards

Meeting the needs of the modern Mom, Belly Love is available in Download Card format. The size and thickness of a credit card, these full colour cards have a code on the reverse side that allows your Mamas-To-Be to download the entire collection. More affordable with less footprint than CDs, these are very popular as gifts and last minute checkout purchases.
Suggested Retail Price $10.99 (SKU SL756)
Ships Worldwide.

Seeded Download Cards

How cool is this?! Printed on paper containing  actual seeds, these download cards are perfect for the conscious moms (as a gift to herself or from a loved one). They work just like a regular download card, however are embedded with wildflower seeds and can be planted. These make a wonderful keepsake and, let’s be honest, can’t get any more “Green”. It’s a way of creating a better, greener world for that little one within.
Suggested Retail Price $12.99 (SKU SL856)
Ships Worldwide.


I Love Belly Love!

I'm currently 38 weeks and have been having a warm bath most nights while I listen to it. It is very positive, empowering and relaxing. I'm also a Bradley Natural Childbirth educator and use it during the relaxation portion of my class, it is always well received. Thank you for creating it!


Bridget Ballenger, AAHCC Certified Instructor & Birth Doula